Animate AI will empower users to develop a digital version of their pet through the use of Artificial Intelligence, and allow them to interact with their personalized digital pet in an identical fashion to their real-world pet. This will be done through the development of species-specific AI-language models, followed by the integration of said models into a user-friendly mobile app. Users will be able to manually train and later adapt their pet (through normal interaction with an AI language model) to ensure that their virtual pet is exactly like their real-world pet. There will be a pre-set list of adaptable characteristics for users looking to create a new virtual pet, or for those who do not wish to take the time to fully train their pet on their own.

Furthermore, users will eventually be able to leverage power of AI to create a unique 3D model of their pet that will be synched to their personality-specific model, allowing them to both see, hear, and interact with their digital pet just as they would in real life.

Eventually, users will have the option to save their digital pet as an NFT and migrate its data into synced applications. Users will be able to bring their pet along in the metaverse, use him or her as their main character in our (future) P2E game, or simply interact with and enjoy them on a day-to-day basis.

In the future, we will be exploring the possible integration of trackable real-world pet training, security and medical care/records.

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